“A nation should be judged not only by how and why it sends its young people off to battle, but also by how it welcomes them home, and how it remembers those who sadly did not return.”

~ Bob McDonnell May 24, 2007 at the Virginia Wall of Honor Dedication

As the above quote states, it is extremely important that our military receive a warm welcome home, know their service is appreciated and respected, and most of all be assured they will not be forgotten.  It is equally important that their families know that the sacrifices of their loved ones will always be remembered. Many Americans have stepped up to provide support; Remember and Respect is committed to being among those who offer care and comfort.

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The 10 Marines photographed to the right were members of my son’s Battalion and gave the ultimate sacrifice in 2010; please take a moment to click on the photos and learn about each Marine.  ~ Janet